Wrap Around Care - You asked, we listened!

We are pleased to announce a significant improvement to the wrap-around care provision at St Andrews, starting from September 2019. We will keep this page up-to-date with any additional information as it becomes available.

Breakfast Club

From September, Breakfast club will open from 7.30am in the morning. We will ensure that your children are given breakfast and will provide activities so that they are occupied till the start of school. The cost is £5 per session and to book please contact the office via email - office@st-andrews-northweald.essex.sch.uk

After School Club

We have partnered with an external organisation called The Red Balloon Foundation to provide after school care. To register and to find out more, please read their brochure which you can find here and then should you be interested, create an account here.


There are three separate pickup options available from 4pm, 5pm and 6pm with each session costing £5.50 so a 6pm pickup will cost £16.50 per child for example. We have structured it this way so that if you child has an after-school activity, then they will only be charged for the time that they are in the club - for example if your child is in the Multi-sports Club on a Monday then they would only need a place between 4-6pm. Note that if the club is cancelled or stops then there is no guarantee that a place in the after school provision will be available during the school club time.


Please read the Parent / Carer pack carefully, as any issues will have to be addressed by Red Balloon and not by the School.


As this is a new venture for both the School and Red Balloon then numbers are limited; Once a clear view of demand has been established, they will be able to staff appropriately and ensure that the correct ratio of staff to children is in place. Based on our survey from the start of the year we expect After School to be popular with our parents and have agreed a waiting list approach once the sessions become full. If there are enough people on the waiting list then Red Balloon have committed to providing additional staff that will allow us to increase the number of children that can attend.