Supporting Your Child with Bereavement

Listed below are some links to information that may help you support your child with bereavement.  

A child who has experienced bereavement may show their distress in many different ways.  This could be:

  • Becoming more clingy than usual or alternatively putting up barriers and distancing themselves from loved ones.  
  • Becoming aggressive or behaving in ways that are not usual for that child.
  • Reverting to ways they behaved when they were younger, perhaps looking for a comforter that has been long forgotten.
  • Struggling to concentrate or sleeping badly.
  • Trying hard to be perfect and well behaved. 

If you need help or advice and would prefer to talk to someone, please come in and see us.  We may be able to help you ourselves or we can put you in touch with the relevant organisation or individual.  

We have a selection of books available, suitable for approaching the subject of death and bereavement with primary aged children. These are currently being held by the office and you are very welcome to borrow one to share with your child. 

Child Bereavement UK

Explaining Funerals to Young Children 

Sue Ryder 

How Grief May Affect Children - Marie Curie