Helping your child with reading 

 At St Andrew's, we want to develop a love for reading in your child.  We surround children with books in school and are happy for them to choose from a wide range of titles and genres.

Reading in taught in class every day.  Children will take part in whole class or group activities and will read individually with an adult.  Phonics teaching is a key part of our curriculum and details about this can be found on our curriculum page. 

The key to becoming a fluent reader is to read as often as possible and we value your support in reading with your child at home. 

Below are documents we have shared at our regular Parent Reading Workshops. 

Ten Top Tips for Reading

Learning to read high frequency words

Questions to ask your child about their book

The National Curriculum 2014 - Reading in Year 1 and Year 2

The Book Band sequence


How do we develop Reading skills at St Andrew's?

We follow a sequence where skills are built up as a child moves through the school.  Please click on each link to see how we do this.

Early Skills



Dig Deeper