Parent Forum

The Parent Forum meets regularly with Mrs Lorkins.  The Forum is an opportunity for parents to discuss things that interest or concern them and to share in school development.  Any parent with a child in school is welcome to attend.

Our latest meeting was held on Friday 25th January 2019, chaired by Mrs Lorkins and attended by seven parents.

At the meeting we discussed:

  • Maths support for parents - Mrs Lorkins showed parents the new maths support videos available on our website.
  • Parent Consultation meetings - parents were happy with the current format and pleased that they had the option to bring their child to participate in the meeting with their teacher.
  • Extra-curricular clubs - parents are happy with the variety available and positive comments were made about our Coding Club. 
  • Sporting events - parents would like more opportunity for our teams to practise in advance of events. 
  • Parents are keen for our school to commit to more recycling of waste.
  • Homework - marking and differentiation of homework tasks were discussed. 
  • Christmas performances -  we discussed more opportunity for all children to play a larger role in their performance. 

The next meeting of the Parent Forum is on Wednesday 27th March at 2pm.