Parent Forum

The Parent Forum meets regularly with Mrs Lorkins.  The Forum is an opportunity for parents to discuss things that interest or concern them and to share in school development.  Any parent with a child in school is welcome to attend.

Our latest meeting was held on Friday 31st January 2020, chaired by Mrs Lorkins and attended by ten parents.

At the meeting we discussed:

  • Parking by parents at school drop off and pick up times - Parents expressed concern about the very small number of parents who aren't parking safely and considerately.  Mrs Lorkins informed parents that she was meeting with a County councillor to discuss what could be done to support local residents and to ensure our children are safe on the walk to and from school.   
  • Homework - Parents asked if there could be more information available about what children are learning each week in school.  Mrs Lorkins agreed to ask teachers to make use of Class Dojo to better inform parents. 
  • Online Safety - Parents were told that sessions were being booked for the new academic year for children, staff and parents.  The dealy is due to the popularity of the session facilitators. 
  • End of Year 6 writing assessment - the dip in our Year 6 writing assessment in 2019 was discussed. 
  • Individual reading - The expectation for individual reading across the school was discussed with parents. 
  • School meals - Expectations for school meals and ensuring children eat what is in their lunchbox each day were shared with parents. 

The next meeting of the Parent Forum is on Friday 27th March 2020 at 9.30am.