Parent Forum

The Parent Forum meets regularly with Mrs Lorkins.  The Forum is an opportunity for parents to discuss things that interest or concern them and to share in school development.  Any parent with a child in school is welcome to attend.

Our latest meeting was held on Friday 26th April 2019, chaired by Mrs Lorkins and attended by eight parents.

At the meeting we discussed:

  • Homework - parents were pleased to see how differentiated activities are supporting their child.  The discussion then extended into the value of homework and how many parents find this causes stress and anxiety in households.  Mrs Lorkins agreed to review the homework policy in time for the start of the new school year in September. 
  • Reading - as parent of our discussion around homework, the Forum talked about the importance of reading with children and how we can promote this in the wider parent community. 
  • Parents agreed that there was a lot of high quality work in their child's work books and they would like to share this more often.  Mrs Lorkins agreed to look into opportunities for this to happen. 
  • Bereavement support - parents wanted some guidance around supporting their child following the two bereavements our school community has experienced this year.  Mrs Lorkins agreed to put links on the website and to share some information with parents.  A member of the Forum also agreed to source information for parents. 

The next meeting of the Parent Forum is on Friday 12th July at 9.30am.