Collective Worship

Daily Act of Worship:

Our daily act of worship is contained within our morning assemblies.

Monday 9.10am

Whole School Worship led by Mrs Lorkins

Tuesday 9.10am

Whole School Worship led by a member of the clergy

Wednesday 9.10am

House Worship led by a member of the Senior LeadershipTeam  

Thursday 9.10am


Whole school Worship led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team 

Friday 9.10am

Celebration Worship led by Mrs Lorkins 

Parents are welcome to join us for this weekly assembly

Please click here for this term's programme. We look forward to seeing you. 

Acts of worship are carefully planned around Christian Festivals and are an opportunity to help children learn about and acquire our Christian values in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.  Every act of worship contains music, song and prayer and a quiet opportunity for reflection.  

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from daily acts of worship.   We would encourage you to discuss this with Mrs Lorkins, our Headteacher.

School Eucharist

Once each term we celebrate the Eucharist in school: to celebrate the life of St Andrew in November, at Easter and to mark the end of our school year.  

Led by  a member of the clergy, this is a joyful occasion where children take an active part in readings, singing, prayers and drama.  Parents are made very welcome at this special act of worship.