Bake Off (2 images)

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Horstead January 2014 (0 images)

Year 5 and 6 travelled to Horstead in Norfolk for an exciting three day residential trip.

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Gruffalo Trail for our Infants (50 images)

The Infants visited Thorndon Country Park in Brentwood to explore the Gruffalo Trail! They found characters in the book along the way and were taught how to build a Den. The Gruffalo was waiting at the end of the Trail!

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Fun Run and Junior Sports Day 2013 (93 images)

The whole School enjoyed Sport this Summer.

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Design and Technology and Art (151 images)

Pupils are encouraged to be creative in many ways studying the work of famous artists, creating their own work and learning the many artistic skills that enable them to express their ideas. They learn to plan, design, build, test and finally evaluate working models. Construction kits are used across the school to encourage team work, planning and building models. Several Year 3s successfully designed a box to drop an egg from a height without it breaking!!! They all enjoyed the challenge. Reception know how to put fish swimming in a bottle! Few in the School Assembly could guess how they did it!

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Science-a journey of discovery (92 images)

Year 3s look after and studying their vegetable garden. A Scientist visited to amaze the whole school with her experiments. Year 2s eagerly watched the flight of their butterfly nurtured from a caterpillar. Year 5s incubated their own chicks and watched them hatch. Our Reception class have had an under sea world to explore. They love to explore our grounds especially in the Autumn. Early years have studied ladybirds and made their own books to keep. Year 3s proudly shared their produce, a giant marrow, tomatoes, peas and strawberries. Year 2/3s explored forces. Year 5 class studied the Planets. They demonstrated an erupting Volcano to the school!! Reception look after the Courtyard garden.

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Music (82 images)

We had a visiting Musician who provided fun Class explorations of percussion instruments. Our children all have the chance to learn to read Music in Year 3 and Year 4 when they have Recorder Lessons. All pupils are able to learn to play an instrument with the Music Teachers that visit the School to teach Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar and a range of Brass instruments. The choir get up early to attend choir each week before school. The highlight of their year is performing at the O2 with many other schools. They also love to sing carols to the elderly in the village at Christmas time. Classes enjoy percussion having a go at their own beats and rhythms.

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Assemblies (65 images)

Each Friday we have a sharing Assembly when Classes share their work with the rest of the School. The Choir sing, Pupils play their own instruments and our Sport Teams give news of their latest Inter School Matches. Certificates are awarded so that all can join in celebrating success. So many of our pupils joined the Summer Read at the local Library and were awarded with stickers, gifts and certificates. Each term we have a School Eucharist and in 2012 Father David blessed our new King James Bible at our Pentecost Service.

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History in School (73 images)

History lessons are brought to life by visiting Historians who come for the day dressed in character as Vikings, Greeks or Romans. They bring artifacts and organise practical sessions to help pupils get closer to understanding how it was for people long ago. The younger ones learn how festivals like Bonfire night are linked to our own history of Guy Fawkes and his plot to destroy Parliament. They spent a day in a Victorian House learning about life upstairs and downstairs! The older ones have a chance to appreciate how tough it was during the Second World War by listening to first hand experiences from those who were there. Remembrance Day is shared with pupils each year and on the 11th November all pupils keep the 11am silence. In 2011 Mr Padfield's class produced their own moving play set in war time. In 2012 Y3s used playground chalks to reproduce the Bayeaux Tapestry! Do visit the photos.

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PE and Sport in School (108 images)

Every class has regular PE lessons enjoying keeping fit and learning skills and agility. Clubs and Inter School Events encourage pupils to enjoy Multi Sports, Football, Netball, Rounders and Cross Country. Younger children love to share the parachute lesson which teaches them to work together in harmony. It is energetic and great fun. They have to concentrate and listen to the teacher's instructions. They love every minute. Sports Day is enjoyed by all with Parents and Relatives as spectators. Junior PPA sessions are run each week by Danny. He trains them to keep fit and enjoy staying healthy. To celebrate Olympic year the School has been divided into competitive Houses, Alpha yellow, Beta blue, Gamma green and Delta red. Every year the School hosts an Inter School Netball Tournament with 12 schools taking part.

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Religious Education (130 images)

As a Church of England School we follow the Diocesan Syllabus. We learn about how Christianity grew across the world. Assemblies help to enrich pupil's understanding of the life of Christ and the powerful story of his death and resurrection. We also learn about Judaism and the Hindu faith Gods are discovered. Visitors are invited to share their Culture and Religion with the children. We were fortunate to welcome the Rabbi from Loughton Synagogue who visited our School. Pupils learn of the diversity of cultures, traditions and faiths across the world. The School received a gift from the Government of a King James Bible which was blessed by Father David at our Pentecost Service. Classes visit the Cathedral in Chelmsford and our own St Andrews Church in North Weald. We have also visited Waltham Abbey. Each year Reception pupils receive a Picture Bible and Year 6 a Good News Bible. In the Foyer pupils enjoy the Reflective chair where they can pause to think and enjoy the Religious Displays. Y5 invited their Parents and the School to share their drama of the Stations of the Cross. Do check out the photos.

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Easter Hats and a Spring Disco 2013 (133 images)

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Literacy - Learning to love reading and writing (122 images)

We learn to read, write and spell with the Essex Reading Programme of daily phonics. Children demonstrate a lesson to show Parents how they make rapid progress. Year 5s have written stories especially for Reception children. Every week pupils can visit our book shop. They buy stamps and save for a book of their choice. Mrs Thorneycroft encourages them to enjoy reading for enjoyment. Our Gifted Y5 pupils have visited the Globe Theatre to join an acting workshop on Romeo and Juliet.

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Red Nose Day 2013 (122 images)

What a great day. Everyone joined in the fun. We raised over ￿580 for the Red Nose Day effort.

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World Book Day Pupils and Staff dressed as Book Characters! (44 images)

A celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly of all reading!! Take a look at the photos to see the huge response we had to enjoying the day.

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Chinese New Year in Reception Class (68 images)

Our Reception Class have a Chinese restaurant in their Role Play area. They loved eating with chop sticks, trying all the dishes. They showed the Parents all they have learnt in an Assembly. The highlight wasthe arrival of the Chinese Dragon!

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Maths (56 images)

Children learn best through practical Maths. We urge parents to make the most of every opportunity to involve their children in learning through the Maths of Shopping, Cooking, Money transactions and planning for home improvements. At School, we also encourage learning Maths through use of a range of exciting equipment that inspires thought provoking calculation and problem solving. The interactive white board is often used to challenge pupils with teaching sorfware that offers maths games and problems. Pupils also use their own small white boards to write as they think and calculate. See for yourself in the Gallery attached.

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Playing in the Snow at School this Winter 2013 (68 images)

This year it proved to be ideal snowman making snow. Everyone had the opportunity of playing in the snow with their School friends.

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Y1&2 day exploring life in a Victorian House. (142 images)

Y1&2 Day exploring Life in a Victorian House Please visit the photos to see how our Year 1 pupils dressed in Victorian costume to learn all about life in the Victorian era. They learned just how a large house ran with upstairs downstairs hard work including, doing the washing, cleaning, laying a dining table and serving correctly as well as running errands for the office. It helped us all appreciate just how different life is today. In the afternoon everyone performed in the amazing Victorian Talent Show!

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Y5and6 visit Harry Potter Studios! (95 images)

Year 5 and Year 6 went to the Warner Brothers Studios where the Harry Potter films were made. Pupils were heard saying 'It was the best School trip ever!' The day was very well organised. They got to stroll down Diagon Alley and enter the Dining Hall at Hogwarts, both original film sets. They had to search and find Golden Snitch hidden and complete a Passport of experiences. They had a go at distressing fabric to find out how costumes looked aged, torn or burnt! The follow up work in School has been inspirational.

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Christmas 2012 at School! (180 images)

Christmas Lunch served for the children by Staff and PTA - Play time out in the snow - An Infant Nativity Play 'The Best Gift of all'- A Junior Nativity with Donkeys and Elephants and our Christmas Fayre, Carols sung by our Choir to the elderly in North Weald and Reception 's own Nativity as well as an excursion to see Father Christmas!

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Reception Class 2012/13 (53 images)

Our Reception Class made a grand start to their year. The classroom indoors and outside is always buzzing with a range of learning activities. The Role Play Area changes often. At present it is a pizza restaurant and all the children enjoyed making and cooking their own Pizzas! Do come and visit the classroom to see for yourself. The Autumn nature walk round the grounds led to so many exciting discoveries. They love to look after the courtyard garden. Our Christmas Nativity was special with pupils singing and narrating the story with confidence before a hall packed with Parents and relatives. We also invited the elderly and toddlers of North Weald to their own Production. They loved it. They went on their own excursion to visit Father Christmas!

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St. Andrews Church (82 images)

Pupils enjoy walking across the fields to the Church to study the building and churchyard. A Year 6 Carol Service is held at Christmas in the evening for Pupils and their Parents. The Ascension Day Service is held in the School Hall each year. By tradition it is followed by a Tug of War for each class held out on the School field. Take a look at the photos attached. Every pupil then receives a lolly to complete the occasion!! Services are held in School each term with pupils taking part and their Parents are invited. Year 6 attend a Leavers Service in July where they are offered a Blessing by Father Trevor our Vicar and Governor as well as Father David, our Chairman of Governors.

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Geography brings the world to us. (58 images)

Geography is studied to learn about our own local environment as well as to build our knowledge of the UK and the wider world. The Olympics to be held in London in 2012 have given us the opportunity to learn about countries around the world. We intend to support their Champions as well as our own!

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Children in Need 2012 (125 images)

A special day fund raising with everyone spotty! A talent show with pupils and staff performing. Spotty cakes a spotty lunch and a Y5 pocket money stall.

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Cowboy Lunch! (32 images)

The Cowboy School Dinner encouraged many more pupils to try and enjoy a School Dinner. Raffle prizes were won by pupils having a School lunch. We encourage pupils to have a hot meal during the School day. The Menu is on display in the hall. Parents can collect a copy from the Entrance Hall. They are allowed to select one, several or all meals during a week. Our drive to provide healthier meals has been a success with Parents and children.

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Cultural Diversity (51 images)

At St Andrews we learn about the rich diversity of cultures across the world. We celebrate the contributions made by other cultures to our village and our country making a difference in our lives. This term Rabbi Yehunda Aronovitz visited the School to talk about the Jewish Culture and Religion. He met the school in Assembly and visited our Year 5 class to answer many searching questions. He has invited us to visit the Synagogue.

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Our pupils welcome WW2 Norwegian pilots to North Weald (94 images)

We were invited to attend the welcoming ceremony at North Weald Airfield to help the Norwegian veteran fighter pilots comemorate 70 years since they arrived to fight back against Germans occupying their country in 1942. They fought alongside us to win back Norway and free Europe. pupils met Brian Rolfe Chairman of the Council and Anne Grigg Councillor. They met British veterans as well as Norwegian crew and Pilots from the Hercules Bomber and Fighter Jets that arrived. The Norwegians and their families loved the St Andrews pupil greetings.

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2012 Early Years Class (85 images)

The Early Years opened in January and our new school recruits arrived happy and eager to start. They quickly latched on to the programme of activities and the classroom soon became a hive of industry, play and learning. You only need to visit the gallery of photos below to see for yourself. Our village Librarian now retired kindly brought in her 2 little dogs for the class to ask questions and learn all about owning a pet.

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Hansel and Gretel Production 2012 (136 images)

Year 6 pupils joined with the choir to create a colourful musical play that will always be remembered by Shool and Relatives. Thanks go to Mrs Cochrane and Mrs Hamilton who made it happen.

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Phonic Skills Display 2012 (55 images)

Reception,Year 1 and Year 2 demonstrated their slick ability to segment and synthesise words. There was good evidence of differentiation in every class ensuring all are challenged and learning all the time.

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Olympics 2012 (76 images)

At St Andrews we have had a visit from an X Pupil Scarlett Stock who carried the Torch!!! We are preparing to support a number of Champion Competitors from around the World. Each class has adopted a Country to investigate. The School has been divided into 4 Houses, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Pupils will compete in Sport and in Class to win points for their House. Alpha is yellow, Beta blue, Gamma green and Delta red. PE lessons are colourful and exciting this term! Sport Relief in March had the whole school community taking part, keeping fit and raising funds for charity.

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Teddy bears Picnic 2012 (32 images)

All the toddlers in the village are invited to our Teddy Bears Picnic each year. They get a chance to visit on a fun day at the school and today the sun shone on the event!!

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Music Concert 2012 (36 images)

Pupils shared their talents singing in our Choir and playing Recorders and Keyboard for their Parents and families. Mrs Cochrane their Music Teacher introduced them all.

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Fun Run 2012 (64 images)

Rescheduled to dodge the rain and had a great afternoon well supported by friends and families. Some pupils swam too and still found energy to run! Thanks go to Parents, Staff and Governors who scored the lap Cards, provided refreshments and ran with the children!

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Junior Sports Day 2012 (53 images)

This was a memorable olympic style event. Everyone won an Olympic medal with the torch for their place in the throwing or running.

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Summer Fete 2012 (73 images)

A great day for all the Community!

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Swimming for whole School 2012 (51 images)

Everyone has a chance to learn to swim at St Andrews and everyone leaves Primary School a swimmer! See for yourself how well they do.

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Infants Sports Day 2012 (58 images)

A lucky, dry day in the midst of a rainy Summer! Everyone took part in a race and everyone was awarded a sticker. Epping Sports Centre team provided warm up sessions before each race and a giant Bubble Bee with BeHealthy on his chest to encourage everyone! THere was a well supported Toddlers' Race, a Mums' Race and a Dads' Race

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Netball Tournament 2012 (60 images)

The School hosted the event with 12 schools taking part. St Andrews reached the final against Coopersale Hall. The score was 4 all at the bell. They played on and Coopersale scored and won the cup. It was an excellent match and an excellent tournament enjoyed by all.

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Gym Trail (12 images)

Some pupils are lucky enough to join the early morning Gym Trail Club practising fine and gross motor skills.

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Celebrating Queens Diamond Jubilee (85 images)

We had a Jubilee lunch this week and on Friday we all dressed in red, white and blue to hold a massive party with a Disco to celebrate. Please share the pictures.

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Reception Class 2011/12 (78 images)

All our Reception Class begin school in September. We welcome Parents and children to visit the School and look around before they choose to join us. We like to make new children feel wecome when they enter our Reception Class. In order to be sure you are well prepared we first invite Parents to an Induction Evening when Teachers, the School Nurse and our Receptionist Mrs Stainsbury share with you all you need to know preparing your child for School. Each child is then invited to enjoy a taster morning in School with a chance to have a School lunch with their Parents. Take a look at the pictures in the Gallery below to see how they are getting on! They are busy growing their own seeds including sunflowers to watch. They invited Mr Padfield to visit and provide a Giant shape for Jack and the Beanstalk studies!

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The Viking Day for Classes 3 and 4 (25 images)

All the pupils and staff dressed up and joined the spirit of the day. They learnt about how the Vikings invaded our lands and brought their homes and lifestyle.

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Deputy Lord Lieutenant's Visit (14 images)

The High Sheriff of Essex 2010/11 now Deputy Lord Lieutenant to Queen, Michael Hindmarch visited the School and talked about the history of the Queen and her role in the UK and Commonwealth. He talked of her reign and Jbilee celebrations past and present. He then spent time with Classes 3ans 4 answering their questions. He praised the behaviour of the School and enjoyed his visit.

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Birds of Prey visit St Andrews! (76 images)

Alan and Lisa of First Class Falcolnry spent time with every class teaching and introducing Harris Hawk-Jimmy, Peregrin Falcon-Jaff, American Kestrel-Ginger and 4 owls including a large European Eagle Owl-Penny who was shy! The favourite bird was the Kookaburra who in reponse to a whistle began cackling and laughing!!

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Florence Nightingale visits Classes 5&6 (121 images)

Living history - all in costume -actually learning the skills of writing with an old dip pen and inkwell, making a book, designing a medal, washing clothes in a tin bath, beating a carpet and nursing the war sick. A day these pupils will remember all their lives. A big thank you to Sheena Shaw from History off the Page and to the Mums who came along to help everyone.

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Easter Egg Competition!!! (36 images)

So many skilled attempts. There were Egg Characters and so many clever ideas it was impossible to choose winners. Everyone had a prize and a certificate. Jack won 1st prize for his UK Champion at our London Olympics!! See the entries and prize winners for yourself.

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Easter Disco 2012 (59 images)

Ziggy Zoo Disco brilliant. FOStAS arranged it and everyone had fun see for yourself in the Gallery attached.

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Sport Relief 2012 (60 images)

On Friday 23 March 2012 the School dressed in Sport kit to enjoy a day of Sport. They raised ￿585 for the Charity.

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Choir sing at the O2 March 2012 (22 images)

Our School Choir joined 7000 other school children to sing a variety of songs. They have worked hard this year turning up with enthusiasm for choir at 8.30 in the morning each week to practise. It was well worth it, a memorabie occasion. Huge support from family and friends who came to watch.

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Pancake Day and Ash Wednesday (36 images)

Start of Lent was celebrated at School with several classes making pancakes. Mr Padfield braved making a pankake while the school watched and helped in Assembly! On Wednesday we held a School Ash Wednesday Eucharist led by our Chairman of Governors Father David. Parents were invited to see their children take part.

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Reception celebrate Chinese New Year (39 images)

The Reception Class have been tasting chinese food and learning about their festival. They invited their parents to an Assembly where they bravely shared all they have discovered.

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Essex Air Ambulance visit (26 images)

The Air Ambulance team came to visit. We proudly gave them a cheque for ￿471-20 raised during our Christmas Concerts. Pilot Pete came along to entertain us all and dawn explained the amazing work they do all year round rescuing people in seriouslt dangerous situations. The photos show how well they were received.

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WorldWar2 visit to Lincolnsfield (53 images)

Classes 1&2 spent the day at Lincolnsfield centre in Hertfordshire. They dressed for the event and learnt so much by participating. The photos tell the story.

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FOStAS Christmas Fayre 2011 (37 images)

A terrific success. The event attracted a huge crowd with Pupils, Parents, Relatives, Staff, Governors and Friends of the School. We made ￿1200 to spend on the children!

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2012 Pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk (34 images)

We invited Chaplin's Drama Company to bring Pantomime to our School this year. The whole School were able to watch together and they loved it. Enjoy the pictures in the Gallery to remind you of the characters

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Children in Need 2011 (43 images)

Everyone dressed spotty,wore spotty wrist bands and badges and ate a spotty theme lunch! We made more than ￿500 an all time record.

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Disco great success (8 images)

Every Spring term we hold Infant and Junior Discos. Every year we invite an entertaining DJ who keeps everyone on the move with music, dances and competitions. FOStAS-PTA provide refreshments and raffle prizes.

Created: 11 Apr 11 13:43 | Last modified: 13 Nov 11 13:15

Play Time Castle (10 images)

All the Infants love the new Play Castle. We have saved hard for this castle across 3 years. The School Council were responsible for selecting the final design. They cut the ribbon to allow the entire Infant Department to climb through the Towers and cross the bridges. We wish to thank FOStAS-PTA for funding half of the project with support from donations by The Royal Bank of Scotland and our local Funeral Directors, Poultons. The Governors approved the other half funded by the School Premises Fund. They all felt it crucial to provide more quality Play Equipment to encourage imaginative active play as suggested on the 2009 Ofsted visit.

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FOStAS-PTA Fund Raising (26 images)

FOStAS raises funds throughout the year to buy equipment that makes a real difference, improving the School experience for our pupils. The greatest purchase in 2011 was the Play Castle on the Infant play area. The School Council helped to select the design and it is used every day. The School Fete in 2011 dawned on a sunny day and was enjoyed by the School Community and the village. There was something for all the family. Donkey rides were popular throughout the afternoon. We enjoyed a Barbeque with food cooked by the chef of the Rainbow and Dove. Favourite events included the Tug of War, a chance to score football goals and the Stocks occupied by our Deputy Head Teacher, a Parent Governor and Danny our Football Coach! The Harlow Rock School gave the Fete a festival feel with the audience enjoying Pimms and Ice Creams. A day for the School to remember.

Created: 2 Jul 11 19:52 | Last modified: 7 Nov 11 13:54

Father Trevor retires! (22 images)

Father Trevor has been the Vicar of St Andrews North Weald for 54 years! He has always supported the School as Vicar and Governor, leading as Chairman for many years. Children said Goodbye with magnificent Class cards given to him at our Harvest Eucharist. Staff surprised him with a 90th birthday tea, the first birthday he had ever celebrated in his life!

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Outdoor Pursuits Centre School Activity Day 2011 (18 images)

Every 2 years the Juniors are invited to take part in a whole day of activities at Harlow Pursuit Centre. Experienced staff instruct pupils. Equipment and appropriate outfits are provided. Rock climbing and water sports such as canoeing challenge all including staff who take part. Rumour has it Mr Padfield was capsized but came up laughing with his brave companions. The day is well planned and supervised by able staff at the centre.

Created: 17 Jul 11 11:59 | Last modified: 8 Oct 11 17:11

Rock Experience (28 images)

A chance to beat the drums and strum an electric guitar was offered to all our older pupils. The Music School is opening in Epping and all pupils received an invitation to go along on saturday for a free trial lesson.

Created: 8 Oct 11 16:01 | Last modified: 8 Oct 11 16:16

Colchester Castle Visit Classes 3&4 (33 images)

Mrs Sellwood's Class 3 and Mr Padfield's Class 4 had an amazing day of discovery at Colchester Castle. They learned the Castle was built on top of an old Roman Temple! They heard all about the Iceni tribe who fought the Romans. They sacked the Roman city of Colchester led by Boudica their Queen! Our pupils were challenged to build a Roman Villa as well as a Celtic Round house. They tried on Roman and Celtic outfits. So much was discovered and so many questions raised and answered. Take a look at the photos!

Created: 27 Sep 11 18:17 | Last modified: 28 Sep 11 20:47

Service at Chelmsford Cathedral (10 images)

Y6 pupils Mitchell and Lucy accompanied Chairman of Governors Father David Moore and Head Teacher Gill Young to Chelmsford Cathedral to attend a service to celebrate 200yrs of Church Schools.

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Yr 6 end of Year Productions (27 images)

Cinderella Rockerfella July 2011- hilarious performance watched by parents, family, friends and staff.

Created: 15 Jul 11 21:33 | Last modified: 15 Jul 11 22:14

Infant Sports Day 2011 (23 images)

KS1 and Foundation Stage Sports Day had to be cancelled because of the weather. It was rescheduled and enjoyed by all. The photos speak for themselves.

Created: 2 Jul 11 18:28 | Last modified: 3 Jul 11 08:10

Sponsored Fun Run 2011 (30 images)

Every year the whole School run and walk round the field all afternoon. It is a popular event and Parents and relatives turn out to watch. All ages take part from age 4 to 11. We are always amazed at just how many laps everyone can do. They run and walk round the field collecting stamps at each station along the way. Parents, Staff and Governors sit at the stations to encourage and support the children. It is always a successful event and it is just amazing the stamina displayed by the children who show determination to keep going and to break last years circuit record!

Created: 15 Jun 11 22:38 | Last modified: 3 Jul 11 07:52

Junior Sports Day 2011 (25 images)

Brilliant weather, competitive races with everyone having a go, excellent turn out and support from Parents, Relatives and Friends.

Created: 3 Jul 11 07:11 | Last modified: 3 Jul 11 07:36

Early Years at St Andrews (25 images)

We have an Early Years Unit which opens in the Spring and Summer Terms to give 4 year olds the chance to join life at School and prepare for our Reception Class in September. This Year they have done so well learning their Sounds. They love to bring things to school that celebrate the Sound of the Week! Check out photos of h for houses they made and L for Lollies which they prepared and then enjoyed!

Created: 9 Apr 11 20:08 | Last modified: 29 Jun 11 22:33

Choir sing at North Weald Village Bonanza (16 images)

90th Anniversary of British Legion Celebration

Created: 25 Jun 11 22:08 | Last modified: 25 Jun 11 22:33

Swimming 2011 (38 images)

Great excitement at St Andrews Primary School on the first day of swimming for everyone. Mr Edwyn Gilmour our Vice Chairman of Governors was there to cut the ribbon. We were especially celebrating the use of our brightly refurbished new look changing rooms. Michelle was there at the opening to represent Mossford Builders who have done such a magnificent job. "It looks like a new building and is so bright cheerful and welcoming. Our Swimming Teacher Denise Powell has brought along Jasmine who is going to help with teaching swimming this term. We are proud to say at St Andrews that every pupil leaves the School a swimmer!!

Created: 7 Jun 11 20:05 | Last modified: 9 Jun 11 19:48

Red Nose Day (12 images)

This Year Red Nose Day on Friday 18th March 2011 meant the whole School dressed in red! We sold Red Nose Day Cakes and had an excellent Red Nose Day School Dinner made by our Cooks. The day raised a magnificent ￿430 which our Secretary Mrs Stainsbury phoned in to the BBC in the evening to help boost the grand total collected.

Created: 24 Mar 11 15:39 | Last modified: 2 May 11 20:24

Royal Wedding Celebrations (31 images)

On Thursday 28th April 2011 the whole School celebrated the anticipation of the Wedding of Prince William 2nd heir to the throne to Kate Middleton. The Country has been granted a Bank holiday on Friday to watch the Royal event. Everyone dressed for a Wedding and prepared for a traditional English lunch of Fish and Chips! In the afternoon a grand party was held on the playground with bunting all around and banquetting style tables decorated with Union Jack flags for every class. We played pass the parcel and pin the ring on Kate's finger! Mr Padfield led Disco dancing wearing a splendid Top hat. This was a memorable event for the entire School community. Chairman of Governors and his wife visited to witness all the fun and the press arrived to report our contribution to celebrations.

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MP Eric Pickles visits St Andrews (3 images)

MP Eric Pickles visited our School on Friday 8th April 2011 to launch our new Website. He met all the School in the hall and then visited classrooms.

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Netball Tournament 2011 (7 images)

St Andrews Primary School hosted the Inter School Netball Tournament on 30th March 2011. 12 Schools took part with 15 Teams playing. Our School came 3rd! A brilliant event enjoyed by Teams, Staff and Parents from all Schools and our Pupil spectators.

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