Sports Premium

The Government has allocated funding to schools to improve sports provision, encouraging an increase in particpation that is sustainable. 

To date our school has received £11632.

We have used our funding for the following:

  • Employing a specialist coach to support play activities at lunchtime
  • Employing a specialist coach to develop teachers' skills in teaching gymnastics
  • Supporting the cost to parents for Multi-skill and Cross Country clubs
  • Funding Body Care sessions for Key Stage 2 children
  • Buying netball posts to enable our school to host an inter schools rally and to enable more children to attend netball club
  • Employing support staff to faciliate additional netball participation
  • Pay our subscription to our local sports partnership
  • Provide an all weather container to store outdoor PE equipment
  • Provide a before school club to support children who are reluctant to participate in school sport 
The impact of our plans will be carefully monitored by the Governing Body.