Parent Forum

The Parent Forum meets regularly with Mrs Lorkins.  The Forum is an opportunity for parents to discuss things that interest or concern them and to share in school development.  Any parent with a child in school is welcome to attend.

Our last meeting in September was attended by 8 parents and we discussed the following items:

  • Open Afternoon in July - Parents gave feedback about the Open Afternoon with suggestions for improving their experience. 
  • Home / School Reading Records - Parents were unanimous in their praise for the new records.  
  • September meet the Teacher Meetings  - Parents found these meetings invaluable and requested similar opportunities at the beginning of each term.  This will be put into place. 
  • KS2 Assessment Meeting - A creche was requested and Mrs Lorkins agreed to put this into place.
  • Start of the School day - The arrangements for the start of the day were discussed with some parents being happy with drop off arrangements and some parents expressing concern.  It was agreed that all doors would be opened promptly and that Pre-school would open five minutes earlier each day. 
  • School Holidays - A request to lengthen the school day and then lengthen the amount of holiday available was made.  This will not be pursued as an option at the moment. 
  • Before School Clubs - It was agreed that parents could read in the library with their children after they had dropped off at a before school club. 
  • Celebration Assembly - The new format was considered to be a resounding success. 

The next meeting of the Parent Forum is on Friday 17th November at 9.30am.