Parent Forum

The Parent Forum meets regularly with Mrs Lorkins.  The Forum is an opportunity for parents to discuss things that interest or concern them and to share in school development.  Any parent with a child in school is welcome to attend.

Our last meeting in November was attended by 9 parents and Father James.  We discussed the following items:

  • Recent Parent Survey - Parents were pleased to see the positive response. 
  • Parent Anti-Bullying Workshop - Only 3 parents attended this workshop.  An overview of the workshop will be sent to all parents. 
  • Celebration Assembly - Parents were concerned about the level of toddler noise during this assembly.  This will be addressed. 
  • We discussed some front office procedures and these will be looked into. 
  • Start of the School day - Mrs Lorkins described new arrangements for the start of the day where doors will be opened at 8.45am for children to enter school.  Registers will still be taken at 8.55am. 
  • Parents' Evening Information Forms - The Forum discussed how the traffic light system reports attainment and attitudes to learning. 

The next meeting of the Parent Forum is on Wednesday 24th January at 2pm.